About Robert John (Husband)

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Robert John Grasseschi had a powerful encounter with Holy Spirit in mid April 2007 and since that time has been a passionate pursuer of the things of God.


Life Background 


Robert John Grasseschi became the all-time leading scorer in basketball at his high school and received a basketball scholarship for college.  He has also traveled the world as a model and actor.


His achievements in the entertainment industry include being on the second team on the Cast Away movie set and rehearsing with Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt under the direction of Robert Zemackus. The CBS morning show featured Robert in a fitness segment. He worked with Alfred Dunhill, Hong Kong and Reebok on runway. Numerous national and international advertisements have spotlighted him throughout his career. These advertisements have included Pepsi and many other corporations.


Currently Robert serves as a model missionary and is excited to see the unconditional love and grace of Christ brought into the entertainment industry and beyond. He counts it an honour to serve Christ in this way.


In March 2012 Robert John released his first book, The Catwalk to Christ, which is his personal testimony of how the love of God ransomed him from a life beset with tragedy and loss to a life full of encounter with the Father’s love and grace.


Find out more about Robert’s testimony book, The Catwalk to Christ, please visit www.thecatwalktochrist.com