Lou Engle, Visionary of TheCall

Faytene is very dear to my wife and I.  She has honored me as a father and has carried my dreams as a daughter would.  I have been blessed to be a fire starter in the prayer movement but I can truly say that Faytene is one of those rare spiritual leaders that can fan the flames of prayer with a double portion anointing.  Wherever she goes, a whirlwind of spiritual activity is released and a reformation and revival movement explodes. Hanging with these kinds of people help me stay young.  I am thrilled to do whatever I can to push her forward as a voice of hope for Canada and America. I love Faytene and her dear husband Rob.


Bill Prankard, Bill Prankard Evangelical Association

“Faytene Kryskow is a young woman who is influencing her generation to “stand on guard” for Canada and its traditional Christian foundations. As her pastor and member of her Advisory Council, I applaud her passion, integrity and annointing to moblize righteous reformers across the nation….She has a God-given ability to motivate and inspirre young and old…Faytene is an articulate, creative champion who is making a significant impact on the moral consciousness of national influencers…I count it a privilege to recommend her ministry to you, and am confident that her unique giftings will encourage you and those you care for to rise up to the challenge of ushering in a naitonal revival of righteousness.”


David Mainse, Author and Founder of 100 Huntley St. (CTS)

“On August 23, 2008, Faytene Kryskow led “The Cry,” a movement impacting Canada and its Government.  Thousands of Canadian standing on the lawn facing the “Peace Tower” heard Faytene describe the pros and cons of four pieces of upcoming legislation.  Never have I heard before such gracious, yet powerful wisdom-filled words.  Faytene is without doubt the most outstanding spokesperson for the emerging generation of leaders.”


James Goll, Author, Dierctor of Prayer Storm & President of Encounters Network

“For years we have had prophetic forerunners who have been declaring a new day is coming.  But now a new generation is arising who believe the report and are doing something about it.  They say it is time to “Cross on Over!” In fact, some of these new justice riders are already doing something to reverse the moral decay of society. Faytene Kryskow is one of the next generation champions who is leading the charge.  I marvel that the courage of this young Joan of Arc for our day.  It is an honor to commend to you both the life and ministry…”


Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Be A Hero & Revival Now!, Founders and President

“I (we) love Faytene Kryskow! She has consistently shown integrity, excellence and passion in all she does. Her stand for righteousness in our nation is exhibited both publicly and privately. We are honored to walk with her.”


Rev. Ed Hird, St. Simons Anglican Church, Minister and Author

“Faytene Kryskow is an inspiration and blessing to many of us across Canada. Her perseverance in calling Canada to wake up and recover its heritage is most appreciated.  We need many more Faytenes out there bringing life to Canada.


Patricia King, XP Media, Founder & President

“I have watched Faytene grow beautifully in the Lord for around 12 years now and have observed her apostolic calling emerge over the last years.  Faytene is full of honor, submission, faith, creativity, conviction, and love. With  a true pioneer spirit she has forged trails for the Kingdom of God in the nation of Canada and beyond. I love Faytene Kryskow and as one of her advisors, I highly recommend her both in character and gifting.”


John Bootsma, Catch The Fire Toronto, Senior Pastor

“I fully endorse Faytene Kryskow… Faytene is a vibrant carrier of one of God’s ‘now’ messages and has an ability to release both passion & action. While ministering at our recent Church Outside the Walls conference, the Lord’s Presence on Faytene was thick and vision was awakened in both old & young. Furthermore, Christ’s heartbeat was released into the streets & high places of influence. One month later, I continue to receive testimonies from neighbouring areas speaking of the multiplying effect her ministry is having in the streets of their cities! I believe Faytene is a primary voice of Righteousness & Holiness that the Lord is raising up within our beloved nation of Canada. As for me & our congregation, we wholeheartedly bless her to provide Godly leadership in releasing this generation into their God-given destiny! For our King’s Glory!


Lina Gabeli, Westwood Community Church, Co-Pastor

“Faytene,  is a dynamic, passionate lover of God, a 21 century forerunner and history maker !   Her passion for Jesus and the advancment of His Kingdom is evident and clear as she walks in radical obedience to God. It was not only a joy and great blessing to have her minister at our recent Women of Royal Destiny Conference, but also divinely appointed by God as this was our first (inaugural)  w.o.r.d. conference.  Many women were profoundly impacted and encouraged to fulfill their destiny and calling and to rise up and take the Kingdom by force. Faytene’s, transparency and  humility fueled by the love of God gave us renewed hope, and passion that “Nothing is impossible with God!”