2016 Itinerant Ministry Calendar

December 31 – Jan 2 – Consuming Fire Conference, Catch the Fire USA, Raleigh, NC, USA with Banning Liebscher and the CTF USA Team.

January 4 – 6th – BOBS Leadership Gathering, Grimsby, ON.

February 14th – Stratford Jubilee Christian Fellowship Sunday service, Stratford, ON.

February 28th – Hamilton Christian Fellowship Sunday service, Hamilton, ON.

March 2nd – 13th – National House of Prayer & MY Canada Parliamentary Delegation, Ontario, ON.

March 17 – 19th – Fire and Glory Conference with Kirk Smith, Sammy Robinson, Charlie Robinson & John Perks, Saint John, NB.

March 24 – 26th – Fresh Wind Conference, Catch the Fire Toronto, Toronto, ON.

March 27th – Revival Niagra Meeting at the Dwelling Place, Niagra, ON.

March 28 – April 1st – HUSH Documentary Tour, Toronto, ON.



2015 Itinerant Ministry Calendar

Jan. 12th-15th – Filming God Knows programs with Mike and Cindy Jacobs – Dallas, TX, USA

Jan. 26nd-28th – BOBS Relational Leadership Gathering – Pasadena, CA, USA

Jan. 28th – 31st – NEXT Conference with Matt Sorger, Todd White, Jeremy Nelson, Rick Pino, James Goll and others.

Feb. 22nd – Toronto City Church Sunday morning service – Toronto, ON, Canada.

Feb. 26nd – 28th – Fire and Glory Conference with Joshua Mills, John Perks and others. – Port Perry, ON, Canada.

Mar. 9th – 15th – Women on the Frontlines World Convention & Cruise withPatricia King, James Goll, Heidi Baker, Cindy Jacobs, Wendy Alec, Stacey Campbell, Beni Johnson, Sue Ahn, Sharon Stone, Faytene Grasseschi, Joy Dawson, Joan Hunter, Katie Souza, Roberts Liardon, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Leanna Cinquanta, Dr. Pat Francis and Mary Audrey Raycroft and others – Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Mar. 28th – The Sanctuary Women’s Conference – Costa Mesa, CA, USA.

Apr. 1st – The Underground Church – North Hollywood, CA, USA.

Apr. 9th – Empowered 21 Canada (closed) – Burlington, ON, Canada.

Apr. 10th – 11th – Global Canada (closed) – Oshawa, ON, Canada.

May 20th – 25th – Empowered 21 Global Congress – Jerusalem, Israel.

June 10 – 13th – Voice of Revival Conference with Sammy & Charlie Robinson & Bill Prankard – Stoney Plain, AB.

June 18-20th – Eyes and Wings Conference with Stacey Campbell, Julie Meyers and Kirk Smith – Saint John, NB

June 26th – Spanish Youth Service – Toronto, ON

July 25th & 26th – Eagle World Wide Tent Meetings – Copetown, ON

August 1st – Sunday morning service with Toronto City Church, Toronto, ON.

August 8th – Leadership meeting with Montreal pastors (invite only).

August 13th – Election Leadership Luncheon with Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Toronto, ON.

August 19th – Align equipping school with Stacey Campbell, Dr. Pat Francis, Sammy Robinson, John Perks and others, Port Perry, ON.

August 13-15th – Women on the Frontlines Canada with Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Stacey Campbell, Dr. Pat Francis, Patricia Bootsma, Heather Clark, Chani Sloss and others – Tononto, ON.

August 21st – United Through Worship retreat, Toronto, ON.

August 25th – Election Leadership Luncheon with the Hon. Stockwell Day – Ottawa, ON

Sept. 11-12th – TheCRY Montreal, Montreal, QC.

Sept. 25th – Heaven on Earth conference with Joe & Bella Garcia & Barry Maracle, Hamilton, ON.

Sept. 27th – House Of Prayer Edmonton, The Assembly kick off meeting, Edmonton, AB.

Sept. 29th – 30th – PAOC Alta/Nwt leadership prayer day (invite only).

Oct. 9th – Live interview with Paul Arthur of Insight (Miracle Channel), Lethbridge, AB.

Oct. 16th – One Free World event on Syrian crisis, Toronto, ON.

Oct. 17-19th – National House of Prayer, Ottawa, ON.

Oct. 25th – Jubilee Christian Fellowship & Citywide prayer event, Stratford ON.

Oct. 26th – Stratford Christian School, Stratford, ON.

Nov. 3-5th – Lakemount Internship, Grimsby, ON.

Nov. 13-14th – Catch the Fire women’s retreat, Toronto, ON. – Event cancelled.

Nov – December – Media Production & Planning for 2016

Dec. 27th – Catch the Fire Toronto, Toronto, ON.

Dec. 31 – Jan 2 – Consuming Fire Conference, Catch the Fire USA, Raleigh, NC, USA.