Thank you for your kindness in considering us in your charitable giving.


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Send A Gift By Mail:


To give a gift by mail in Canada please send donations to:

V-Kol Media Ministries, 15 Matchedash Street N, Unit 4, Orillia, ON, L3V 4T4, Canada


To give a gift by mail in the USA please send donations to:

V-Kol Media Ministries, 68 Pointe Rok Drive, Worcester, MA, 01604, USA


Become A Monthly Partner: 

Monthly partners are the financial backbone of V-Kol.  We would be so grateful if you would consider joining the monthly partnership team.  Please click on the links below to sign up now.  If you would like to partner for another amount please e-mail us at and we will be happy to serve you.


Click here to sign up to become a monthly partner.


Partnering Monthly By Check:

If you would like to give on a monthly basis by cheque please send cheques to: V-Kol Media Ministries at our mailing address below:

In Canada – 15 Matchedash Street North Unit 4, Orillia, ON, L3V 4T4, Canada

In the USA – 68 Pointe Rok Drive, Worcester MA, 06104, USA.


Monthly Partner Perks: 

As a way of showing our appreciation to you for your monthly partnership you will receive:

Registration discounts at conferences hosted by V-Kol Media Ministries.

20% off of Faytene & Robert Grasseschi’s books and resources.

Personal updates from Faytene and Robert Grasseschi on a monthly basis.

You will be prayed for by the team on a regular basis.


What You Are Sowing Into:

Faytene & Robert, along with the various ministry teams, serve as missionaries and servants to the Body of Christ through:


itinerant teaching / preaching

planning and hosting revival, discipleship & prayer events (such as the V-Kol Media School,  TheCRYs, Women on the Frontlines Canada & awakening events)

developing media and print resources in the spirit of revival

developing media and print resources on social justice issues
ongoing evangelistic outreach

partnering with ministries to the poor (current emphasis: fighting human trafficking in Cambodia, assisting orphans in various nations and combatting gendercide)


[ For an idea of what that looks like from month to month feel free to peruse the latest ministry newsletters here.  Please watch the video below to hear about our journey and some of the fruit of the past years.]


When you sign up to become a partner you are sowing directly into making it all possible and every step they take you are right there with them. According to Phil 4:17, the fruit of their ministry work is also credited to your heavenly account in eternity!


What The Bible Says About Partnership:


Paul acknowledged the church of Phillipi for how they stood with him financially so he could go forward in the work God had called him to (Phil 4:14-17). In verse 17 Paul says something amazing when notes his motivation for asking for support saying, “...Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.The biblical precedent of this type of partnership:

Mt. 27 indicates that there were women that traveled with Jesus to minister to His practical needs.

In Mt. 10 Jesus told his disciples to take nothing with them when they traveled to preach the gospel declaring that a worker is worth their wages.

1 Tim 5. instructs us that those who preach and teach are worthy of support.

Partnership with the Levitical priests is outlined in the Old Testamtent as the offerings of the Israelites were brought to the temple so that the priest could be freed up to serve God full time (without being tied up working in fields etc.).